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JayDee Brass Band:

"Contagious powerplay by Europe's dirtiest, hardest working brassband horns!"



An 8-piece brass band, consisting of a mix of New-Orleans-specialized players and jazz musicians, with a more funky background.

This makes the Jay-Dee Brassband capable of playing traditional New Orleans music, as well as more funky jazz themes. And besides that, there are some compositions of their own added to their repertoire.


A brass band of the highest musical level with great soloists in every section and an extremely groovy rhythm section. And on top of all, JayDee Brassband brings a contagious enthusiasm with it, which draws the attention of every kind of crowd and puts a smile on everybody’s face.


JayDee was founded in 2010, by trumpet-buddies

Joep Habraken and Daan Bogers. In their first year, they were already invited to prestigieus jazzfestivals such as AsconaJazz and The Hague Jazzfestival. In 2011, the band performed at many festivals through Europe (Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland).  In 2012 JayDee made their début on stage at the famous North Sea Jazz Festival. At that time, JayDee Brassband was considered to be one of the leading jazzbrassbands in Europe.

More than once, the band became one of the audiences favourite festivalbands. Beside the impressive quality of the musicians, the JayDee as a group has a unique ‘chemistry’ and power.


Eine 8-köpfige Brass Band bestehend aus einem Mix von New-Orleans spezialisierte Spieler und Jazz Musikanten mit einem Funky orientierten Hintergrund. Dies ermöglicht die Jay-Dee Brassband Traditionelle New Orleans Musik sowie Funky Jazz Themen zu spielen. Weiter sind auch eigene Kompositionen zu Ihrem Repertoire hinzugefügt.

Eine Brass Band mit einem hohen Musikalischem Niveau, mit ausgezeichneten Solisten in jeder Disziplin und einem extremen Groovy Rhythmus. Letztendlich bringt die JayDee Brassband einen ansteckenden Enthusiasmus mit sich mit, der die Aufmerksamkeit von allen Leuten auf sich zieht und ein Lachen auf jedes Gesicht zaubert.


"The success of the Dutch eight-man band JayDee Brassband extends far across the borders of the Netherlands. Founded by trumpeters and friends Joep Habraken and Daan Bogers, the band blends traditional New Orleans music with funky jazz sounds. In the year the band was formed (2010), they were already invited to perform at large festivals at home and abroad and in 2011 the list of invitations grew longer. In 2012 the band is happily following this path and their debut performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival is a highlight in their appointment book. The JayDee Brassband is now considered to be one of Europe's best brass bands. Their concerts in the Netherlands and elsewhere always attract an enthusiastic, dancing audience, elicit exuberant responses and leave behind impressions of the wonderful city in which all the world's brass bands have their roots, New Orleans."

Contagious powerplay by Europe's dirtiest, hardest working brassband horns!

Funky - Tradional - Blues - Gospel - Steamy


A varios bunch of strange guys.




Composer, arranger, producer and trumpetplayer Daan is one of the founders of JayDee Brassband. Beside his addiction to New Orleans music, he's also known as the (lead)trumpetplayer of his own 10-piece orchestra BOSCO, with which he plays all kinds of projects at festivals and theatres. He toured all over Europe with various bands and was seen on national television more than once. 

As a composer he worked with a.o. the Metropole Orchestra and a lot of other groups, as a conductor he won several prizes and performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Kevin de Ridder


This talented, powerful player is known for his incredible "chops". Often seen in various bigbands as a lead trumpet player.
With Daan, he played with bands like the Dutch rockabilly-sensation "Liptease" at major Dutch festivals and in clubs with latin Santana-tribute band "Los Cabronitos". 
Nowadays he is plays at major Dutch jazz stages with "the Young Jazz Society" (lead trumpet).

Dennis de Woerd

Tenor Saxophone

Dennis te Woerd studied at the Utrecht conservatory and is both an extraordinary saxophoneplayer as he is an excellent arranger.

He has a wide interest of musical styles (fusion, funk, pop and - of course - New Orleans music.

Beside playing with JayDee, he is a member of the well-known Dutch group "Marutyri", with which he toured all over the world.

Silvester van Rijckevorsel


Is what you call an all-round drummer. The number of bands and ensembles he played with is infinite. Silvester plays jazz, pop, funk, fusion, blues, rock and latin. And he does it all at an extremely high level, which makes him a desirable drummer. When he’s playing, no band leans back or lose its concentration: That’s not possible when this guy is standing behind you!

For a while, he studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory. However, he decided to become a philosopher and switched to University, where he finished his study as an Environment Philosopher in 2008. Nevertheless, he kept on developing as a drummer.

Nowadays, he is one of the leaders of "Lucifers Slagwerk", a major drum-organisation which provides drumshows, drumming lessons and many more.



Eelco van Velzen


Started playing the euphonium (small tube shaped horn) when 9, but once he realized how stupid that must have looked he made a transfer to the trombone. Thanks to his mother’s music collection (lots of jazz LP’s) that he used tp play along with, he made his first steps in becoming the skilled jazz musician that he is today. Although he did spent some years at the conservatory he decided on an entrepreneurial career after studying arts administration & music business. He never stopped playing though, which brought him to many international stages and festivals, and CD recordings, with traditional jazzbands such as The Down Town Jazzband, Reunion Jazzband (with former Dutch Swing College Band members), the New Orleans Syncopators, The Revival Jazz Band and Huub Janssen’s Amazing Jazzband, not to mention numerous stand in jobs as a soloist.




Got addicted to New Orleans music in the 90’s. He had the honor to play and record in New Orleans with Roger Lewis ( Dirty Dozen Brassband), Milton Batist, Tuba Fats (Olympia Brassband), and many others. All Dutch brass bands know where to find Rob; he’s a respectable drummer In the Dutch Jazz scene, especially when it comes to New Orleans music. But he drums with other kinds of bands as well, like “Hot Biscuits”, “Slipper One” and “Picon”.

Rob has played at many international jazzfestivals with different groups. He is not only a great drummer and percussionist, but a great dancer as well… Check out his dancing moves…!


Michiel de Boer


JayDee's youngest member is the very talented powerplayer Michiel, a trombone student at the Dutch conservatory of Rotterdam. He started playing jazz at the Utrecht Student Bigband - where h met JayDee-founder Daan - with which he won several prizes and played at famous festivals like the Jazz Festival of Montreux.
He did tours in Thailand and England and was part of botch the Dutch Youth Jazz Orchestra as well as the Dutch Student Bigband, with which he did several tours with famous Dutch artists.
Beside being a trombonist with extremely heavy "chops", he's also an excellent classical player!

Patrick Witberg


Can be described as the ‘pumping heart’ of the Jay Dee Brassband. Although his instrument weighs about 20 kilos, it doesn’t stop Patrick from dancing and swinging while he’s playing. Patrick has the sound of a typical New Orleans bass player. He played with Joep and Daan in the Happy Feet Brassband for many years, with whom he played at Jazz festivals in Ascona, Davos, Lech, Bad Iburg, Luxembourg, Celerina, Brackenheim, Breda, Den Bosch, Terneuzen, Duisburg, just to name a few, and with musicians such as Lillian Bouttée, Graig Klein, Dan Barrett, Frank Roberscheuten, Freddie Lonzo and Earl Conway.

The energy Patrick brings to any band he plays with, is always very powerful. And he loves it to 'tease' the audience and put the crowd in motion.

For the last years, he's also a member of "JP and the Seeger Session Band" with which he did several theatre tours and international festival performances.

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